Treadmill Weight Limit【Real Truth】

treadmill weight limit

 If you’re examination treadmill bases do you have to extremely take under consideration whether or not they’re rated for users at 250 lbs., 300 lbs., 350 lbs. or 400 lbs.? Yes, it matters more than you would possibly suppose. 

Treadmill Weight Limit

The first issue to comprehend isn’t any trade standards exist for determinative the burden rating of a treadmill. every manufacturer determines weight ratings victimization their own methodology, which usually remains their secret.

Those that are the right age to recollect what it absolutely preferred to confirm truth MPG performance of AN automobile before Environmental Protection Agency government standards will maybe best relate to the present state of affairs with treadmills.

There’s no restrictive commonplace for a way this can be to be done thus it’s entirely up to the manufacturers’ promoting departments to say no matter what they need.

Residential Treadmills

Residential treadmills are typically designed with low output (and less expensive) DC motors, that generate full power solely at high RPMs. At lower speeds, like a one -2 mph stroll, you may solely be employing a fraction of the motor’s power. This is not essentially a retardant for traditional users however a heavier user can place a rare load on the motor and controller, inflicting the system to run hot.

The motor and/or controller may eventually overheat and fail whereas you’re walking on the treadmill, generally terribly dead and hastily.

treadmill weight limit

So what do treadmill weight ratings extremely mean to you, the consumer?

Does a weight rating of three hundred lbs. mean the manufacturer tested the treadmill with a 305 pound. user and also the unit failing however it didn’t once test with a user advisement three hundred lbs.? unlikely.

Will it mean the unit failing when vi continuous hours of use by a 305 pound. individual? perhaps, Who knows? the very fact is, whereas several of those makers do have wide data around what works for the supposed application, they do not share common standards on however weight ratings are derived.

Most treadmills sold  within the North American country have solely a UL certification, that addresses safety of use, not truth in advertising.

Weight ratings as promoting fluff

Weight ratings are used over something to permit makers to position totally different {completely different} treadmill models towards different audiences. If a manufacturer makes 2 models – one strong and another not as strong – they may offer the additional strong unit a 350 pound.

Rating and also the weaker one a 250 pound. rating to positions them within the consumer’s mind as premium versus economy models.

Many factors enter truth weight bearing capability of a treadmill. Lower-end treadmills usually specify a weight limit between two hundred and three hundred lbs. Higher-end models usually give a additional forgiving weight limit between three hundred and five hundred lbs. (The ultra-premium treadmill manufacturer Woodway really claims an unbelievable 800 pound. limit on a number of their treadmills!).

treadmill 400 lb weight capacity

A key element of weight bearing capability is that the thickness of the treadmill deck. sporting of the deck’s lamination yields to higher friction and eventually the requirement to interchange the deck (or flip it over for a second life if you followed our recommendation to get a treadmill with double-sided laminated deck). A ¾” deck is way additional doubtless to possess its lamination degraded from significant pounding than a additional expensive and heavier 1″ deck can.


What matters most is torsion – the motor’s ability to beat the friction between the belt and also the deck at specific RPMs, i.e. specific speeds and inclines.

The incline is a noteworthy variable as a result of even a modest incline will considerably cut back the load on the motor – though we tend to powerfully discourage working-while-walking at AN incline, thus let’s assume for functions of this discussion that we’re observing treadmills’ weight limits at zero incline.

Getting technical for a flash

The issue regarding torsion is it can’t be quoted as one figure from a verbal description book. The torsion rating of a motor is measured with a measuring system and it changes over the rev vary of the motor.

You’ll be able to get a rough plan of torsion output by observing the horsepower rating and also the most rev of the motor. Since H.P. may be a operate of torsion and rev, at lower RPMs the H.P. output are lower. In alternative words, right after you would like the best range of horses propulsion. At slow strolling speeds – the motors are running at lower RPMs and should not be able to deliver to deliver enough torsion to maneuver the belt swimmingly.

Also, enjoy the best hammock for big guys.


A low-torque motor at high RPMs will have identical performance as a high-torque motor in operation at lower RPMs. Whereas most treadmill makers don’t publish their motors’ torsion output, some DC motor makers can state a torsion constant, “ torque/amps.”

weight capacities

The additional amps you give to the motor, the upper the torsion. This can be wherever the restrictions of the motor and controller acquire play. The limit of the motor to provide higher torsion depends on what percentage amps it will take, that may be a operate of its style.

The duty of the controller is to vary the amps delivered to the motor, and to limit it on the higher finish to stay from heating the motor. This typically works, till it’s been asked to deliver an excessive amount of power for too long, inflicting either the motor or the controller to fry.

Treadmill designers usually choose motors that have their highest torsion ratings at the RPMs generated at the foremost common speed settings they expect customers to use. For traditional exercise treadmills this speed setting are a running, not walking speed.

In follow, torsion characteristics ar additional a operate of motor style than a selectable feature, and every one alternative things being equal, the designer is forced largely by the horsepower and rev of the motors that meet their value target.

300 pound person


So to add up what we’ve mentioned higher than, an underpowered motor is additional doubtless to fail prior a properly-suited one. However, that’s not the problem you’re getting to encounter day-after-day. Throughout daily use, underpowered treadmills can groan and hesitate after you tread on the belt.

A 300 lb. individual employing a three hundred pound.-rated treadmill can doubtless sense a discomfiting belt hesitation far more than a two hundred pound. individual can. To the user this may simply be annoying, though if severe enough it may cause them to trip or fall. To the motor this may be damaging over time.

Well now what are you waiting for? Get that treadmill right away and run off!

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