Sleeping Bags for Big Guys【2021s Best】

sleeping bag for big guys

 I hope you will all agree with me when I say the fact that there is nothing like having a comfortable bag to sleep in with ease. What we do not know is how hard it can be to find the right sleeping bag for large guys. 

Inclusivity is now is, and it is time we start bringing out backpacking sleeping bags for big and tall men or women! The reason is so they are comfortable no matter what, and have a safe, good nights sleep during their stays out in camps or on their bag packing trips. 

In order to provide you, our deserving customers with the ideal sleeping bag for big guys, we have curated this helpful article for you. All in help, so you are able to find the perfect one for you.

Not only this, but we curated guides for you to go through in order to make your buying decisions. All made after performing in depth and thorough research! So if you wanna know the best sleeping bags for big guys, keep on reading!

Sleeping Bags for Big Guys 2021

Following is a list of the top rated sleeping bags for fat guys for 2021:

Sleeping bagsRatings
TETON Sleeping Bag10/10 [Editor's Choice]
Klymit Oversized Sleeping Bag8.5/10
TrailMax Bedrol9/10
5.NEMO Sleeping Bag9.5/10
GI Style Cold Weather Sleeping Bag9/10
Browning Camping Bag8.5/10

1: TETON Sleeping BagTETON Sleeping Bag

Key features we loved

  • Soft lining
  • Perfect sleeping bag for big guys and cold weather
  • Comfortable and portable

✅ Water resistant❌ Hard to move due to weight
✅High quality, thick material used❌ Flap doesnt open all the way
✅ Perfect for cold weather and big guys

2: Klymit Oversized Sleeping BagKlymit Oversized Sleeping Bag

Key features we loved

  • Dual layered up with synthetic batting
  • Prevents snagging
  • Full body covering sleeping bag for large man

✅ Mummy bag style❌zip orientation makes it harder for left handed people to close the zipper fully
✅Double layered❌ Flap doesnt open all the way
✅ Insulation through fully covering zipper

TrailMax Bedrol3: TrailMax Bedrol

Key features we loved

  • Comes with a stand system and all accessories you may need
  • Easily portable with its carry on feature
  • Double layered up with cotton shell

✅ cotton flannel double filling with nylon hem stitching❌expensive
✅ Comes with its own stand, heavy duty zipper and more features all in one

NEMO Sleeping Bag4: NEMO Sleeping Bag

Key features we loved

  • Synthetic material
  • Minimises air space, creating insulation
  • Uses stratofiber, making it synthetic in quality 

✅ Added layers of comfort❌Not worth the price
✅ Fits every body type
✅ Tailored with pillow top quilt design

GI Style Cold Weather Sleeping Bag5: GI Style Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Key features we loved

  • Sung yet comfortable
  • Durable with proper shape form
  • Made with synthetic and cotton material fillings

✅ Perfect for bagpacking❌Heavy, making it not so camping friendly
✅ Durable

Browning Camping Bag6: Browning Camping Bag

Key features we loved

  • Works even under -30 degree weather
  • Fully cotton lined
  • Dual layers with insulated chest work

✅ Uses a techloft silver insulation system❌Threads end up coming out from places
✅Full coverage and roll up bag
✅ Weather protectant

Big man tree stand is another great option for you.


How to select the right sleeping bag for your big guys, friends, relatives?

When choosing a bag for a big and tall person, you usually need to travel for an Associate in Nursing XL or XXL bag. Typically the makers will not mention the size; but, they’re going to usually provide dimensions, thus looking out for size measurements around 39″ x 92″ and a touch smaller.

If you choose to urge one amongst the outside sleeping baggage I suggested higher than, you will not have to take into account this issue as they’ll all work persons up to 6’6.”

What is the easiest way to backpack with a sleeping bag?

I found that baggage between five – ten lbs area unit the simplest to require carry in lower temperatures as they supply the simplest heat retention because of a lot of paddings that increase the load. You’ll flee with light-weight sleeping baggage between two – four lbs and still be heated through the night for inhabitation in gently cold temperatures.

best sleeping bag for big guys

A word of caution for temperature ratings:

You’ll usually see baggage speech communication that they’re zero F rated or ten F, however after you place them to take a look at, they could not feel that approach.

However, the rating makers list is predicated on the idea that you simply are a unit properly dressed for inhibition weather additionally to the insulation offered by the luggage. Thus continually escorting a bag takes the temperature rating with a pinch of salt.


Well now that you have been made aware of all the information you could require to get started, what are you waiting for? Get yourself, your partner, your friend or even your big family members the sleeping bag of their dreams. So you can make camping outdoors with you easier, fun and more often!

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