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shoes for morbidly obese

What is morbidly obese?

If a person has 100+ weight he of she is said to be morbidly obese. Being obese or being overweight can cause a lot of pressure on your joints. So, you need to be careful regarding your shoes as all your weight is being carried by your feet.

But you don’t need to worry at all as there are various ways through which you can feel comfortable. Even if you want to join a gym or go on a walk to have some fresh air.

For this one thing you need to keep in mind is to have comfortable shoes according to your body type. There are various brands that have shoes for morbidly obese people.

What are few best shoes for morbidly obese people?

There are shoes that are specifically designed for overweight people. These shoes have some built in technology that gives support. These shoes help you a lot as they are perfect for those who are obese and must spend long hours on their feet.

For them I have specially jotted down a few best shoes.

Shoes For Morbidly Obese

In this article we have listed top rated shoes for morbidly obese.

New Balance MW928 Walking. | New Balance Men's MW928 Walking Shoe | Walking

These shoes are made up of pure leather and the sole is made up of hard rubber. There is a cushion ankle corner which gives support to your feet.

This shoes is very soft and easy to wear and is lightweight as  it is perfectly designed for all day wear. These make the walk enjoyable and comfortable.

New Balance 928v3 Walking

new balance 928v3 men's Shop Clothing & Shoes Online

These shoes are made up with high quality material and the best thing about these shoes are they are Medicare approved.

These are perfect shoes for morbidly obese people as it has great cushioning. You can easily walk on all types of surfaces without any difficulty.

What are the few Best Shoes for Fat Guys?

Walking not only reduces your weight. It also boosts your immunity system. Whenever you plan to start a healthy routine, you should be aware of what shoes are perfect for you.

Here are a few best shoes for fat guys that will surely help them during their walk or exercise hours.

Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

SKECHERS Equalizer Persistent |

These shoes are specifically designed for men. Beside it the sole is very comfortable and light weighted. Moreover it also has soft cushioning and has innovative designs.

Without a doubt it is perfect for fat people as it helps in supporting your weight and keeps you active and fresh.

Saucony Men Cohesion Tr13 Walking Shoes

Buy Saucony Men's Cohesion Tr13 Walking Shoe at

These shoes are very durable and come in the category of top selling. They are sturdy and very comfortable. The durability is beyond amazing.

Apart from this it is made up of leather and gives you great support. It is perfect for guys who want to look chic and healthy.

Few suitable shoes for Heavy Person

Finding a perfect pair of shoes for heavy persons can be problematic at times. In case you choose the wrong shoe, it will make your life miserable, and you won’t even enjoy your walk peacefully.

Here are a few suitable shoes for heavy people that can be very helpful for you.

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Outlet Store, UP TO 66% OFF

These shoes are designed for both men and women. To give your feet the best protection you should surely choose these. It is designed perfectly and is very comfortable.

Heavy people can walk easily without any hurdle by wearing these shoes. As they are durable, have great cushioning and are made up of fine quality leather. It is breathable and has good arch support.

Saucony Grid Omni Walker

Video Review - Saucony Grid Omni Walker (2020) Men and Women

These shoes are unisex. Both men and women can wear them. As the designs are neutral. You can easily stand for hours while wearing these shoes and won’t get tired.

Clearly it supports your feet and reduces pressure in your forefoot. Also it is highly orthotics and budget friendly. Nonetheless it is breathable for sweaty feet’s and has a removable sole according to your own customization.

Why buy running shoes and how they are helpful for fat people?

If you are above weight, stress is related to it. You don’t have to worry at all. We have a great tip for you. You can plan a timetable of yours and spare some time for running. Running helps you in losing weight.

It is one of the most popular exercises that helps you in staying fit and active. While running your calories will burn and you will lose a great amount of fat. Make sure when you start running the surface should be comfortable.

At times there is a rocky surface and there are higher chances of getting injured. So, for that you need to get running shoes that are appropriate for fat people. They will keep you balanced, and you will not get tired very quickly. Few of them are as follows.

Brooks Ravenna 9

Brooks Ravenna 9 - Review 2021 - Facts, Deals | RunRepeat

These shoes are specifically designed for runners who require support and stability. People who are fat or overweight can easily run in these shoes without facing any discomfort.

Whereas it has a full-length cushioned midsole with strong grip. Along with it has great arch support that protects your feet. Beside this it also improves your athletic performance.

Saucony Redeemer | Saucony Women's Redeemer Iso Running Shoe, Silver/Grey, 5 M US | Road Running

These shoes are perfect for runners. It helps in giving your feet proper support and structure. Although these shoes are very light weighted.

Moreover it is available in larger sizes, so you don’t have to stress about your size. These are very durable and give great comfort throughout your running session.

Why should you choose special shoes for Fat Women?

People who are overweight usually put more strain on their back, ankle, foot, and legs. If straining is more than the capacity, it causes discomfort and can lead to serious foot conditions or injuries. So, for that you should wear comfortable shoes. There are various brands who have designed shoes for all types of people.

Few brands are famous for designing shoes for fat women. As people who are obese, and fat should choose to slip on shoes. These help to prevent foot problems which can be not normal in heavyweight people which can lead to many other problems over time.

It helps to avoid collapsing of arches and joint pain with the help of its great comfort and structure. They can be stylish to. You can easily put them on without any help or without even bending. Few shoes that are perfect for women are as follows.

New Balance WW928

New Balance Women's 928 v1 Tan: WW928TN - A Perfect Dealer/New Balance

These shoes are the most top selling shoes of the brand. You can easily use them for walking or for running. However it is breathable, soft and its sole is very durable. Also it has a thick heel which gives you support and protects you from injuries.

Especially it also gives you a stable base on a rocky surface. Without a doubt it is made up with high quality leather and it provides excellent grip.

Asics Gel Cumulus 23

Women's GEL-CUMULUS 23 | Black/White | Run Further | ASICS

These shoes are a perfect choice for women who are fat. Without a doubt t has a short absorbing sole that gives great support to your feet. The sole is made of rubber that can be changed according to the surface you want to walk or run on.

It is well cushioned and quite durable. However gives the best arch support that keeps you motivated. Women who are pregnant can also wear this as they are very relaxing and won’t swell your feet after a long tiring day.

Which shoes are beneficial for Overweight People?

People who are overweight face a lot of difficulties in daily lives. Usually, people who are fat or overweight have flat feet and choosing perfect shoes can be a difficult task. As shoes for overweight should be durable and robust.

These shoes are very comfortable, and you can easily wear them for longer hours, and you won’t get tired. Shoes should be wider in size as flat feet can only fit in such size. Also support and cushioning is one of the most important components. Here are a few best shoes for overweight persons.

Asics Cumulus 23

These shoes are designed for both men and women. The size available of these shoes are till 15. It has a larger width so your toes can easily fit in. These shoes are highly recommended by overweight people as they say these shoes are very reliable, durable, and comfortable.

Because of its gel cushioning you can use it for dual purpose as for walking and for running. It also provides extra support and has great ground gripping.

New Balance MW928v3

New Balance Suede MW928v3 Grey: MW928GY3 - A Perfect Dealer/NB

You should always invest in good quality shoes. These shoes are perfect for overweight people and are also unisex. By wearing these shoes your load on the muscles will keep changing and you won’t feel pressure.

These shoes are beneficial as they keep your feet relaxed and you can walk miles without any difficulty.

How to purchase shoes for morbidly obese people?

When you keep in mind that I can do it. Then there’s nothing which can stop you from anything. If you plan to start walking daily for half an hour, then stay consistent on it and prove to yourself that you can do it. By being obese and doing walk daily can cause you joint and feet problems.

So, for that you should surely choose special shoes which are comfortable. Here’s a detailed guide through which you can easily buy shoes for morbidly obese people.

It’s not at all regarding how you look, the focus should be your health and comfortable level and healthy look can look beautiful than anything else. When you go to purchase shoes make sure you try it prior and check if you are comfortable in walking, comfort is very important when you look for something you want to walk in.

Make sure to check if shoes cause any discomfort as all your weight will be lying on your feet and it can be very tiring and painful sometimes which can lead towards the body pain and discomfort. When you go to buy shoes make sure you have done prior research related to that brand.

You can also read reviews, so you have better knowledge regarding the product. In case you read some positive review regarding some shoes it doesn’t mean that they are perfect for you too.

There are few shoes which are suitable for one and inappropriate for others Don’t worry about spending money on your shoes. In case you must spend extra or out of your budget please do it. As health comes first.

You can also choose a budget friendly choice but make sure to choose only if they are comfortable, don’t go for quantity, make sure you keep quality in your mind too. Every person’s foot is different so when you purchase your pair of shoes keep in mind the arch of your feet.

People who have flat feet or have high arches have shoes with different designs which can help them to get their desired comfortable shoes. Also before purchasing check the width of your feet as well as people who are overweight have a greater width, it will help to get perfect sized shoes and make your walk easy and enjoyable.

These shoes can have major effect on the person who is wearing them. Following are some pros and cons of morbidly obese shoes which can help you to understand them more:


  1. These help to prevent foot problems which can be not normal in heavyweight people which can lead to many other problems over time. Also it helps to avoid collapsing of arches and joint pain with the help of its great comfort and structure.
  2. You can also easily survive   the pain and protect from the different types of infections. As it helps to absorb the impact of walking and keep the body in alignment.


  1. They can be pricy; comfort comes with a price. So, it can be little expensive than ordinary shoes.

Buying guide to purchase shoes for morbidly obese people.

If you are overweight but you want to stay fit and refreshed, then walking or exercise for half an hour will surely help you out. For walking you need to be active and for that you should have a pair of shoes that are comfortable.

Here I have mentioned a few major components that will surely help you out and will bring a drastic change in your life. Before choosing any shoes make sure to keep 3 things in mind.

Proper fit

Everyone has different sizes so first make sure to choose the shoes that fit you properly. In case if you select the wrong size, it will not only be uncomfortable it will also worsen the condition of your feet. This can lead to many issues like joint pain, disbalance and many other health issues.

Easy Fit

Make sure you choose the best shoes for morbidly obese people. As the shoes that are easily wearable are the best. You don’t need any assistance that someone else will tie your laces or will help you out in wearing them. Always go for easy to put shoes.

All they want is easy comfortable walk which can also help them to lose weight which can be bad for their health. Good comfortable shoes can help them to enjoy their walking experience and set goal of loosing weight.


Usually, people choose cheaper shoes and save a few pennies. But this is not good for your health. Make sure to always choose quality over quantity. As quality shoes will last longer than the other one.

Shoes which are especially made for morbidly obese people will be great choice to buy, they can be pricey but can give great comfort to feet and last longer than other shoes.

Tips for care

As you all know that comfortable shoes are a big investment so taking care of them is also a big responsibility. The more you take care of it or clean it regularly the longer it will stay.

By following these few tips, you can easily save your shoes and keep using them for a long duration.

Use only for running

If you have purchased it for running purposes, then only use it when doing so. Don’t use these shoes for any other activities. You can buy other shoes for other purposes, but you should keep the limit of these once to running purpose only


Most of the people purchase shoes without lace so they can easily put them on as because of being obese few people are unable to bend. But in case you have purchased shoes with laces then make sure once you are done with your running and you take them off to unlace it.

If you’ll not do it, your shoes will get loose in no time and that can be painful as well as pricy to buy new pair of shoes. You need to take care of them while taking them off so they can last for longer period and give you great walking experience.

Alternative pairs

Once you have purchased a nice pair of shoes and you are comfortable with it while running or walking. Then purchase another one and rotate pairs. By this you will easily use both shoes, and both will last long.

You should not wait to buy a new one till the first one dies; you should always have a backup plan and extra pair of shoes to avoid distress and suffering which can be caused due to damage of the shoes pair.


Cleaning is a must to keep them going. Make sure you air them out and let all the sweating dry from inside. You can also use dish soap for cleaning them and can dry it with a blow dryer.

If you will be reluctant to clean them, the life of these shoes can be shorter, and lack of hygiene can also lead to infects because of bacteria which can lead to other big problems. You should always clean them on regular basis and change them when you feel like.

It is better to take care of them when they are major accessory and need in your life.


If you are obese and you are not taking proper care of yours than it’s not good as being obsessed is not at all the end of everything. Planning your routine and starting to walk can bring a drastic change in your life. It will not only activate your mood but will also enhance your immunity system.

By walking you will gain various health benefits and will look fresh throughout the day. Although walking is very easy, if you are overweight then walking can be a bit difficult for you.

So, for your comfortability you should surely choose the best shoes according to your weight. As you have already planned to change your life in a healthier way, opting for shoes that are comfortable and relaxing is a great deal.

Make sure the shoes you choose should be lightweight and have plenty of traction in it. Also, it should be innovative and unique and styling, so you stand outside the crowd. Do purchase use from the shop that has a good return policy. In case your shoes aren’t comfortable or there’s some issue with the size they can change it easily.

When you purchase you don’t have an idea regarding its durability but once you jog in it you get to know better about it and if you are not comfortable with the shoes exchange it. As there’s no need to give yourself trouble and pain my walking in these shoes.


What weight is considered a heavy runner?

If any person has BMI over 25 or weight up to 90kg he can be a heavy runner. You should check your weight when you wake up early morning. Keeping a good check of your weight will help you to live a great healthy stress-free life.

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