How Much Weight Can A Longboard Hold?【Updated】

how much weight can a longboard hold

 Asking yourself the question, how much weight can a longboard hold? Don’t worry as this is a more common question that you may think is for long-boarding beginners. 

Paying attention to weight limits is critical because it affects the approach riders move and the management of their longboards. 

When a longboard will adapt to its rider’s physique and riding designs well, it will last even longer than its expected lifetime. So, for each reason we’ve mentioned, let’s scroll all the way down to create a more robust shopping for the call.

How much weight can a longboard hold?

The ideal weight that a longboard will hold is sometimes anyplace between two hundred and 250 lbs – particularly for the 8-ply longboards. This capability permits riders to be snug in each movement without concern a lot of concerning straining their longboards. 

longboard for 250 lbs

However, heavier riders will still fancy the fun of longboarding. Just in case you would like to seem for a longboard that will stand up to up to 300+ lbs, you’ll specialize in many 9-ply kinds of longboards. 

With that said, if you plan to exercise it is best to know the treadmill weight limit to see desired results. 

Compare weight limit of some boards

We find it additional information to convey you a comparison table between many sorts of boards; then, you’ll overall explore the potential capability of every kind and a few parts contributive to its weight.

You can find out that longboards square measure good partners for somebody who desires firm and large-capacity boards. 

Although we have a tendency to may have to worry concerning many factors that support a longboard’s capability, the longboard’s weight limit is evidenced to carry up to over three hundred lbs. 

The average weight of a longboard falls between eight and eleven pounds. For the foremost half, the heavier the longboard, the sturdier it’ll be.

This type of skateboard has several blessings over different skateboards because of its cheap value. That said, longboards square measure numerous in form, size, and magnificence to satisfy the various desires and preferences of riders.

What factors affect the weight limit of your longboard?

With the following factors kept in mind, you should be able to find the longboard of your dreams. And not just that but we assure you that, once you keep these tips in mind, nothing should stop you from getting the perfect board.

longboard for fat people


Each of the subsequent materials has its own blessings and drawbacks. 

We find it quite troublesome to work out what’s the simplest material for longboards, as a result of high-strength longboards square measure usually the results of a mixture of the many materials, rather than entirely made from one sort.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is taken into account the fabric with stable hardness among the foremost normally used materials for longboards. Longboards made up of carbon fiber square measure extremely praised for his or her lightness and movability.

However, makers usually mix this material with fibers or layers from bamboo to optimize bearing capability within the long haul. The explanation given is as a result of the carbon fiber longboards cannot foot-dragging to nice force.

Maple Wood

Most maple longboards square measure reasonable and improbably solid. the sole disadvantage of maple wood is its serious weight, however reciprocally, it’ll bring you a way of safety once maneuvering with the board.

This is additionally the foremost standard material on the market, and beginners will make a choice from a good choice of 7-ply to 9-ply longboards reckoning on their desires.

If your weight is within the vary of 220-250 lbs, you must begin with a maple wood longboard.

Vinyl Plastic

Vinyl isn’t a powerful rival within the longboard market. Longboards made up of this material square measure usually additional appropriate for moving product than for carrying riders around.

The plastic is slightly fragile, and it cannot stand up to over two hundred lbs. additionally, vinyl longboards is broken once longboarders demonstrate troublesome techniques.


how much weight can a penny board hold

Bamboo and maple wood square measure a try of cards as a result of their cheap value. Longboards made up of bamboo sometimes have a comparatively low value, however with it comes wide toughness and important bearing capability.

The combination of bamboo Associate in Nursing maple wood additionally leaves an ineradicable impression on users, particularly with a weight limit of up to three hundred lbs for a longboard.

Deck size 

The most common sizes of longboards square measure from seven to eleven inches (width). once selecting the correct longboard, a fairly straightforward rule is that the larger the board, the higher its ability to support the rider.

Longboards with widths between 7-9 inches square measure sometimes appropriate for folks advisement 200-250 lbs. The dimension between ten and eleven can stand up to tougher tricks and meet additional difficult needs of gravity.

Besides, the form of the longboard additionally speaks volumes concerning its bearing capability. Longboards can sometimes have a flat style, curved up and down. 

However, with active expertise, we have a tendency to found that longboards that are curved up can suit serious longboarders. 

Such a style permits the longboard to convey most support to the jock, and at an equivalent time, facilitates him to tug off troublesome tricks.


Trucks act as a stone of the board’s endurance. If this half is formed of high-quality materials and properly sized, the longboard will handle a weight of up to 350 lbs – a very spectacular variety.

It would facilitate if you unheeded the trucks made up of plastic as a result of it’s quite loose. victimization longboards with Associate in Nursing unreliable set of trucks can simply result in accidents and injuries whereas riding.


The distance between the 2 sets of wheels is termed distance. Physically, the shorter this distance, the sturdier the longboard are going to be.

penny board weight capacity

However, a distance that’s too short are going to be troublesome for amateur riders to manage the board. You must contemplate selecting longboards with a moderate distance to match your capability while not compromising controllability.


Recently, makers have paid additional attention to up the standard of wheels and synchronizing the durability of the many skateboard styles. You’ll not have to be compelled to care a lot of concerning this half.

The wheels with a diameter of concerning 70-75 millimetres will stand up to the nice pressure of robust performances.


As for the bearing material, you must like steel over different materials like ceramic or metal. Remember, value does not say a lot of a few bearing’s solidness.


You will in all probability ignore bushings as a result of it’s solely a reasonably tiny detail within the overall longboard construction. 

We would wish to counsel a measurement: 

A bushing 93A will stand up to a weight of concerning a hundred and seventy lbs. Of course, the next level are going to be additional appropriate for players with a heavier weight
how much weight can a longboard hold

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Well now that you have got all the information you may need, what are you waiting for? Get that longboard now!

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