Big Man Tree Stands【Buying Guide】

big man tree stand

 I hope you can all agree when I say the fact that there is nothing like a good old stable tree stand on a sunny camping day. For a big man tree stands can be essential and a need if you are someone who is not only big, but has a passion for hunting, climbing trees and anything of the sort!  

Tree stands can be a great way to have a birds eye view of your surroundings. But because of the fact that they are so high up, it is very important and almost a major key to have a sturdy heavy duty tree stand. This is not only to ensure that it lasts you a lifetime, but also so it confirms your wellbeing and safety.

With being a big man, tree stands can be harder to find. As these need to be truly the best climbing tree stand for big guys, so they are able to hold up that much weight. But no worries, because we have gotten you covered there. As we brought to you this list of the best ladder stands for big guys! So if you want to know where to get your very own one, keep on reading!

7 Big tree man stands 2021

The following is a list of the top rated tree stands for big guys of 2021.

Tree standsRatings
Summit Viper Climbing Tree Stand10/10 [Editor's Choice]
Guide Gear Man Ladder Tree Stand8.5/10
X-Stand Treestands Two Man Ladderstand9/10
Rivers Edge Relax 9.5/10
OL'Man Treestands9/10
Muddy Tree Lok System8.5/10
Summit Treestands7/10

Summit Viper Climbing Tree Stand1: Summit Viper Climbing Tree Stand

Key features we loved

  • Aluminum climbing stand
  • Foam padded comfortable chair
  • Body harness

✅ Comfortable seating padding for long hours❌ Hard to move when once seated
✅Tight adjustable straps❌ Poor assembly instructions
✅ Made with aluminum climbing ladder stands for big guys

Guide Gear Man Ladder Tree Stand2: Guide Gear Man Ladder Tree Stand

Key features we loved

  • Solid heavy duty seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Larger size of ladder, making it easier to climb

✅ Simple to set up❌ No cushioning on seat
✅Ideal for beginners
✅ Made for 400-500lbs big men

3: X-Stand Treestands Two Man LadderstandX-Stand Treestands Two Man Ladderstand

Key features we loved

  • Safely secures you from ground level above
  • Comes with two different seating arrangements
  • Oval tube style

✅ Two independent solo seats❌ Consumers received their big man tree stands in poor shape
✅Platform secured set up
✅ Extensively safe grippers

Rivers Edge Relax 4: Rivers Edge Relax 

Key features we loved

  • Ideal for all day hunters
  • Moveable and wide range seat 
  • Padded seats that are removable

✅ Tear proof mesh padded seating❌ Not so comfortable for all day hunting 
✅ Wide platform for feet
✅ Padded seats that are removable

OL'Man Treestands5: OL’Man Treestands 

Key features we loved

  • Steel construction
  • 350lb climbing tree stand
  • Padded seating

✅ Padded seating❌ Not for people weighing more than 300lbs
✅ Heavy duty steel ladder
✅ 17 feet high up

Muddy Tree Lok System6: Muddy Tree Lok System

Key features we loved

  • Oval and rectangle tubing system
  • Flex teak seating 
  • 18 feet in ladder height

✅ 18 feet in height❌ Parts are received incomplete
✅ flex teak seat
✅ Cushioned and padded seating

Summit Treestands7: Summit Treestands

Key features we loved

  • Camo finishing touch
  • Full body harness for safety and security
  • Cushioned seating arrangement 

✅ 18 feet in height❌ Poor quality
✅ Full body harness ❌Some parts do not arrive
✅ Comfortable foam padded seating arrangement

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Buying Guide

The process of choosing rise treestands for giant guys will be difficult, particularly for first-time patrons. true worsens as a result of all makers who create rise trees symbolize massive and tall hunters describe their models as “the best.”

Anyway, don’t worry as a result of we’ve got analyzed and given to you factors you ought to take into account before shopping for one. we’ve got additionally highlighted the simplest of the simplest.


While stability could be a vital consider shopping for a rise tree stand, you shouldn’t trade it with movability. You won’t love it to hold a significant stand to the middle of the forest for searching.

To continually ensure that the stand is transportable enough. Giant men square measure typically a touch heavier than traditional ones. However, we tend to suggest choosing a tree stand deliberation no quite twenty-five lbs.


As noted within the introduction section, the simplest heavy-duty tree stands for searching to create the total method easier. However, shopping for a stand with a hard and fast chair won’t enhance searching. that’s as a result of it’ll limit your ability to aim at prey, particularly those settled in your backside.

Remember, you don’t have the ability to see the direction within which the prey can come back from. therefore continually select models with adjustable chairs.


Different heavy-duty rise tree stands to go along with numerous options. a number of these options square measure simply meant to beautify it.

However, others square measure essential. as an example, Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System. This feature can cut back the possibilities of wounding yourself whereas within the searching method.

It is additionally vital to notice that additional options attract higher costs. therefore select options that suit you.


One of the plain risks that go along with the rising of a tree is falling. That’s why you ought to guarantee your stand is stable enough to support your weight. Therefore continually make sure that the model at hand has safety options. All fashionable rise stands for giant guys ought to embody a heavy-duty lock system and clear instruction on exploitation it properly.


In my opinion, even a rise symbolize an enormous man who still ought to be snug. You don’t wish to sit down on an outsized rise tree stand that creates you are feeling uneasy.

So select models with foam-padded seats with a back. create searching as snug as operating in an office!


As a hunter, you’ve got to spot the kind of website you would like to hunt from. By “location,” I mean the modal size and kind of trees accessible within the place. Note that not models can hold all sorts of trees well.

Therefore, make sure that the model you purchase will keep on with most of the trees accessible within the searching website. Doing, therefore, can change you to maneuver handily from one tree to a different one because the prey moves.

However, we tend to like shopping for models which will hold the majority of typical trees accessible within the searching sites. Such models can change you to hunt with efficiency in any place or forest.

With that said, you might need a sleeping bag for big guys as well.


While we tend to suggest shopping for models with several unimaginable options, note that those options come back at a worth. As a result, models with several options square measure typically costlier than those with few.

Ensure that you select a model that has unimaginable options and suits your budget.


Now that you have gotten all the information you may need to get started on your journey with climbing trees, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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