Best Hammock for Big Guys 【Highly Durable Material】

best hammock for big guys

 The most popular choice among outdoor recreation nowadays is hammock camping, which establishes a relaxed, fresh, and peaceful setting in nature. 

Are you big, and wonder if a hammock is an excellent choice to relax? Or do the people around you have made you think that, Nah, it is not suitable for big people? Forget them because it sure is, don’t believe me, well check the top 5 picks that I picked out for guys just like me. We, too, deserve to enjoy ourselves at our own pace.

heavyweight hammock

 People who are tall and big might think that maybe the hammock which is longer than their height will be suitable. This might not be the best way to choose the best hammock for big guys.  See several factors while selecting the best hammocks for big guys.

Top 5 Best Hammocks For Big Guys

SUNCREAT Outdoor Portable Hammock
10/10 [Editor's Choice]
Tranquillo Universal Hammock 8.5/10
Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Freestanding Hammock 9/10
Brazilian Gigante Family Size Hammock9.5/10
Sunnydaze Double Quilted Fabric Hammock9/10

Here we go with the detailed reviews of the top-rated best hammock for big guys.

1. Suncreat Outdoor Portable Hammock

Suncreat Outdoor Portable Hammock

Why we love it:

  • Incredibly well-built and very easy to assemble.
  • Top-notch quality!
  • Large comfortable hammock
✅ Extra Large Size ❌ Vivere wheel is not availableimpact
✅ Handcrafted Ropes
✅ Comfortable and Non-fading

2. Tranquillo Universal Hammock

Tranquillo Universal Hammock

Why we love it:

  • Carry bag included for easy storage and transportation
  • 2-layered polyester breathable hammock net
  • Durable and smooth ball bearing


✅ Stainless steel ❌ No coated frame
✅ Non-rusting hammock stand
✅ Very comfortable

3. Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Freestanding Hammock

Why we love it:

Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Freestanding Hammock

  • Durable design
  • Space-saving size
  • Weather-resistant


✅ Easy to carry ❌ Need some practice to assemble
✅ The new addition of cushions
✅ Very durable

4. Brazilian Gigante Family Size Hammock

Why we love it:

Brazilian Gigante Family Size Hammock

  • Traditionally handcrafted
  • It can be used indoors
  • Too large for any hammock stand


✅ Best for couples❌ Not for a big family
✅ Eco Friendly
✅Unique design

5. Sunnydaze Double Quilted Fabric Hammock

Why we love it:

Sunnydaze Double Quilted Fabric Hammock

  • Perfect size for lounging
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Worry-free purchasing


✅ Perfect size for lounging❌ Not rust resistance
✅ Easy assembly
✅ Lightweight

What is the required dimension?

The best hammocks for big guys may be found in several different dimensions depending on how you search. However, the question is: “What height and length are best for taller people?”

When it comes to length, you need to look for items that are at least 9 feet long. It’s not wise to go for that size that’s a little bigger than you. 

You will think it is quite small, so you will see it as quite small. Hence, make sure you choose an option that has a size of 110 inches or greater.

If you consider the width, then 6 feet or more will be adequate for the big person. If you are planning to share the best hammock for the big guys with over one person, you might have a concern about its large width.

 However, I would not choose such a large hammock where one finds oneself feeling claustrophobic. An average big camper should have a width of at least 72 inches.

How Strong Is Your Hammock?

There are various ranges of hammock weight holding capacities on the market, ranging from 150 to 1000 pounds. What is the range you need to follow?

Your weight and size will determine your size. Picking the right hammock capacity is perhaps one of the most important things. 

The best hammocks for big guys are those who can carry weight over 400 pounds. For heavier people, however, choose one that can hold over 500 pounds. If you’re sleeping with a partner, make sure that your hammock is strong enough to accommodate both of you.

Pay more attention to that point and hang more securely for a comfortable and relaxing experience.

How to know if it is build with high-quality materials?

You need to consider how durable, comfortable, and weather-resistant the material should be. Be sure to choose the best hammock for big guys that is long-lasting and durable so there won’t be any tearing or fraying.

Likewise, if you’re going camping during the summer, nylon materials will provide you with a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable feeling and if you’re going camping in the winter, make sure the material provides you with insulation and softness so that you stay warm.

Therefore,  you need to confirm the material quality of those measurements. Likewise, there is also a whole guide on best bed frame for heavy person

What is an effective suspension system

A suspension system refers to how it will hang from trees or other structures. Straps, hooks, and so on. You should look for some things in the best hammock for big guys, but all of them come with hooks.

Strong and long straps are the first thing you need. This will make your setup much easier, as well as give you much support. When you’re hanging in the best hammock for big guys, which is equipped with multiple hooks, it is an advantage. On the other hand, do not forget to search for the trees with a green character and to examine them carefully.

My recommendation for big people is not to buy the nylon strap. Therefore, your hammock will stretch more, which will cause you to fall. You guys can consider these things should if you want to choose the best hammock for big guys.

Can we carry it with ease? 

Most importantly, we need to look at the portable option. Therefore, think about how portable it would be for you to travel with it after considering the above topics. To determine the weight of the product, check the label. To make it more convenient to carry, it should be light.

For beginners, choose an option offering easy setup.

How long should my hammock stand be?

The height of the hammock stand is measured by adding two feet to the length of the hammock. A hammock stand that measures 14 feet long is required if your hammock measures 12 feet.

Moreover, you can also attach a hammock that stands longer than two feet to the end of your hammock with chains and S hooks.

Hammock stands typically range from 7 feet (vertically) for hammock chairs to 14 feet, 14.5 feet, and 15 feet across for standard hammock stands.

The longer hammock stand will allow you to hang shorter hammocks down the road if you plan on keeping the hammock stand in the same location.

You can adjust the length of the stand to fit hammocks of different lengths with adjustable hammock stands.


In conclusion, if you know what to look for, you can find some best hammocks for big guys. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to relax, even if you are on the larger side. However, when you use your hammock, don’t worry about it breaking. For instance, a couple that wants to chill out together should also be able to take a break at the same time.

So hurry and chose from the above hammocks according to your requirements.

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