Best Bed Frames For Heavy Person 【Long-Lasting】

best bed frame for heavy person

 When you are unsure of which type of best bed frame for heavy person to purchase, it can be a challenging task. In addition, if you have to purchase a frame that can hold more weight than the average, that can be challenging. 

Heavy people should choose a bed frame that holds a specific amount of weight. It doesn’t matter how you define being overweight, sleep products need to support these sleepers. There are frames designed for heavier people that have been graded to be strong enough to withstand their weight. The following list displays some of the best bed frame for heavy person.

how much weight can a bed frame hold

I highly recommended heavy sleepers for these picks, especially since they provide extra support for these people.

Top 6 Best Frames For Heavy Person

Bed FramesRatings
Metal Bed Frame with Steel Slat 10/10 [Editor's Choice]
Queen Bed with Under Bed Storage Drawers8.5/10
Zinus Lottie Bed Frame9/10
Aromu Stime Metal Platform Bed9.5/10
Ghost Bed Mattress Foundation9/10
Trisha Metal Platforma Bed Frame8.5/10

Here we go with the detailed reviews of the top-rated best frames for heavy person.

1. Metal Bed Frame with Steel Slat

Why we love it:

Metal Bed Frame with Steel Slat

  • Steel Frame
  • Headboard compatible
  • Super easy to assemble
✅ 14 inches clearance ❌ No holes to attach headboards
✅ Noise-free
✅ No need for a spring box

2. Queen Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers

Why we love it:

Queen Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers

  • 12 roll slats batten
  • Best material
  • Amazing color
✅ Carry up to 600lbs❌ Late delivery from the expected time
✅ Easy assembly
✅ Strong wood

3. ZINUS Lottie Bed Frame

Why we love it:

ZINUS Lottie Bed Frame

  • Perfect finishing
  • Stability
  • Comfortable
✅ Uniquely designed ❌ Ground clearance is low
✅ Strong frame
✅ Beautiful fabric

4. AROMUSTIME Metal Platform Bed

AROMUSTIME Metal Platform Bed

Why we love it:

  • Ample storage
  • Safety protection
  • Includes most usable sizes
✅ Multiple legs❌ Mattress slips because of no grippers
✅ Comes with a mattress
✅ No noise

5. GhostBed Mattress Foundation

Why we love it:

GhostBed Mattress Foundation

  • Durable construction
  • Universal fit
  • Adjustable height
✅ Includes box spring❌lightweight headboard
✅Sturdy base
✅ Huge space underneath

6. Trisha Metal Bed Frame

Why we love it:

Trisha Metal Bed Frame

  • Stylish
  • 5 years warranty
  • No need for a box spring
✅ Carry more than 700 lbs❌ No headboard
✅ Never squeaks
✅ Comes with wooden planks

An Overweight or Heavier Person’s Bed Frame Buying Guide

Before buying your next frame, there are many things to consider. When shopping for a sleep product, overweight people need to make sure it works for them. Follow these steps to become well-informed about the process if you have questions.

Consideration of key features

The customer might ask what kind of products are available, how much they will cost, and what sort of options are available?

Bed frames should not be very difficult to choose, but due to a large number of options available, some individuals resign themselves to either buying the most popular, or the cheapest option. Such a strategy can be risky and may lead to regret in the future.

At first, visiting several showrooms to compare prices, materials, services, and dimensions might seem like a lot of work, but the results can end up saving you a great deal of time and frustration.

The weight capacity of the foundation will be a major consideration for heavier individuals. Many brands can carry as much as 5000 pounds, while others may not even be able to support 500 pounds. It is important to know whether specific brands have weight restrictions in order to determine whether the product is appropriate for heavier sleepers.

Construction Material

Bed frames are not all equal. Metal frames have a higher weight capacity than wooden frames and box springs, while those made of stronger materials might have a lower capacity.

We’ve listed steel as an option on our list, but remember that the type of material used in the construction determines the overall strength of the bed. Keep this in mind as you continue shopping since the construction of the frame will determine how strong it is.

heavy duty platform bed

The addition of additional support legs 

Support is usually enhanced by adding extra legs. Beds have between 4 and 7 legs, depending on their size. The products using more than this are usually intended to provide more support.

Some products may have more legs, such as models built for heavier people, so that the product can be stronger.

Consider something with a little more stability if the product you are looking at does not appear to have sufficient support legs.

Choosing the right slat type and spacing

There are a variety of types of slats available for bed frames. Some companies make their railings with vertical slats, while others use a horizontal design. The ones that incorporate both are likely to offer additional support.

As a result of the cross slats, the mattress and wearer will receive better support from both directions. The additional material provides the added support heavier sleepers require.

Most mattress slats on the market require 3 inches between them, especially foam mattresses. Your mattress company might tell you if the mattress and frame are compatible if you are concerned about syncing that product with your new frame.

platform bed for heavy person

Heavier Couples’ Options

When sleeping in the same bed with someone who is overweight, they will need extra support. If you’re getting a mattress that will fit you, your loved one, and your frame, it can make an enormous difference. The best option may be an A-frame that can support 1000 pounds or more.

Finally, it’s up to the designer and contractor to provide the overall support. It is likely that a stronger metal frame with crisscrossing slats would be better than a weaker frame. Consider bed frames with seven to nine legs if you want added stability.

The Credibility of a Brand

A few shady brands are bound to exist when there are so many great brands. Shoppers can sort out the wheat from tares by looking at customer and professional reviews. Visiting a firm’s website can provide forks with a good deal of information that they can use to make an informed decision.

Ease of installation

There are brands that require tools, while there are others that hand can do. Check if there are any tools available upon setup or if you need to dig through your toolbox for them if they are.

Especially, heavy frames may require additional hands and additional time. It might be worthwhile to look into these factors ahead of time.

A period of trial

Online shopping makes it impossible to test a mattress or a bed frame for yourself. Online reviews or the product page are usually where a shopper gets all his information. Trial periods offer the customer the opportunity to test the bed for an extended period.

There are several brands that offer 30-day or year-long returns on their products. Customers cannot return a product if they are not happy with it. When notified, companies will arrange for returns and issue refunds when necessary.

Duration of warranty

A majority of companies offer a warranty to ensure that both their customers and their bed frames are protected. When you know how long you will have to exchange or have your product replaced or repaired, especially if you were skeptical about the product, to begin with, it can ease your conscience.

Some of these products come with lifetime warranties, while others come with multiple-year warranties. It is common for brands to offer longer warranties when they are confident in their products.

The motion of the frame and noise

If you are heavier or if the frame creaks and squeaks all night long because of your weight, you may stay awake all night long because of a noisy bed frame. Many brands advertise noiseless frames. 

The squeaking sound can cause you to wake up easily, so finding an option that has these features may be worth your time if you suffer from this disorder.

Added storage capacity

Beds can sometimes double as extra closets because the underside is horizontal. The ideal way to organize your bedroom space is by using it to store boxes, extra clothes, or your collection of unopened baseball cards. Getting a new bed frame is something you might look forward to. Remember, the higher it stands, the more space it will provide.

strongest bed frames

Limitations can exist in options

They do not offer people with these weight concerns as many options. The options may be limited, but they should provide more than enough to help you find what you are looking for.

You should keep in mind as you go through the list of bed frames above that the ones rated as the top models for heavier sleepers are only those that we have reviewed. Besides these options, there are much more available.

When shopping on a site such as or, try to find out what additional options the manufacturer may offer by visiting the manufacturers’ website.

Consider checking whether the brand of the mattress you are using also manufactures bed frames or other foundations, if it accommodates plus-sized sleepers. You might go further and getting in touch with the mattress brand to ask which models they recommend for their product.

Besides that, if you are planning for a trip it is ideal to get top rated big and tall backpacks.


Do mattresses have an impact on bed frames?

It is likely that your mattress will affect the life of your bed frame over time. Therefore, it’s important to buy products that go well together.

In order to allow foam mattresses to breathe, slatted frames are typically used. In addition to being heavier, many hybrid designs made for plus-sized sleepers require more materials. These types of beds might need something more supportive underneath to provide adequate support.

When choosing a bed frame, choose the strongest one that can support your mattress. The strongest frame on the market may not be necessary if your foam bed is lighter and your weight is not over the norm. Finding the right balance between support needs and budget may be the most beneficial.

Is there a way to extend the life of my mattress with the right kind of protector?

Yes, that’s most likely the case. Your mattress will last longer if you get a product that supports you and the mattress adequately. It is possible for a mattress that is displayed in a less than solid bed frame to sag in places over time, and even warp.

What is the maximum weight a frame can support?

What type of frame you purchase will determine how much weight it can support. There are products that hold a maximum of 300 pounds, and others that can support thousands of pounds. Typically, heavier sleepers will benefit from steel beds with strong slats and a higher leg count.


Whenever you are deciding about your sleep, you want to make sure that they are the right ones. A bed frame is no exception to the rule of doing the research before making a substantial purchase. The last thing you would want is to have your mattress give out after a few months of use, so do what is best for your sleep needs.

It is hoped that you found this information useful, and you are already on your way to purchasing a new bed frame. We would be delighted to hear questions you might have in the comment section below. Wishing you luck and a happy shopping experience!

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